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ScienceTalks with Jocelyn
"The Cathedra" Partnership Project 

Scientists At Risk in Israel, ready to share their expertise with us in a way we may get it. ScienceTalks will open its virtual doors on September 21st at 7:00 PM with the first lecture "Brain and Gut: Who Really Controls Us?" presented by Pavel Reznitskiy, PhD, a researcher in the brain-gut axis, surgeon, and colorectal specialist based in Israel.

We support scientists willing to share their insights and experiences but who find themselves facing any challenges to start or continue their research work due to external reasons.


We invite you to register for the lecture by making a donation of $18 to the Jocelyn DAO organization on Patreon or by "buying" the scientist three cups of coffee through buymecoffee

Please send the payment confirmation to, and in return, you will receive the link to the lecture.

Afterwards, the recording of the lecture will be available on the ScienceTalks YouTube channel. Those who couldn't participate and ask questions in real-time can still support the scientist by making a donation on Patreon or "buying" them a cup of coffee on buymecoffee.

By supporting the project on Patreon, you're not only supporting the scientists themselves but the entire initiative.
We're delighted to have you with us!



The Photo of "The Cathedra" Project "ScienceTalks With Jocelyn"

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