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We represent a group of Israeli art professionals who work in new media and digital art and have participated in international exhibitions and conferences.

As artists, curators, and researchers in Israel – the land of start-ups and high tech – we are keenly aware of the pulse of our time and sense the need to express it through modern artistic language.

Our goal is to unite and form a creative community in order to fulfill our artistic mission most effectively.


Natalya Kamenetskaya

Artist, Curator
Nataliya Kamenetskaya is a multidisciplinary artist, art critic, researcher and curator of the number of international and regional art projects. Her academic and curatorial interests mainly focuses on a shifting paradigms of scientific, philosophical and sacred texts of / by visual arts, on gender and ethnocultural issues in art.


Evgeniya Vezhlyan

Poet, literary Critic, researcher of modern literature, sociologist of culture.

Author of leading literary magazines in Russia.

Since 2022, lives in Israel.


Galina Bleikh


Works in New Media Art: digital art concepts, 3d, AI, AR and VR, bio-art, video art, web-art, generative art, NFT etc. Interested in how the new technological reality can interact with us through art.
Participant of number of solo and group exhibitions and conferences all over the world.
Since 1993, lives in Israel.


Michaёl Wogman

 Culturologist. Researchs, teaches and translates Jewish poetic, literary and exegetic texts. Specializes in the hermeneutics of ethnocultural, calendric and gender issues in Classic Antiquity. Formerly lecturer and research fellow in Ancient Jewish studies at Moscow State University and other universities of the FSU; leader of informal educational projects. Since 2022, lives in Israel.


Nadia Adina Rose

Artist and author

Writes poetry, teaches art and illustrates books.
Her first book of poems, “Snow Ink”, 2015, was awarded with the prize of Israel Ministry of Culture. Manuscript of her second book of poetry, “In the Belly of the Wolf” has been awarded with the prize of ACUM. In 2019, Nadia Adina received the Shoshana Ish Shalom Art Award.


Katya Potash

PR  manager.

Project manager.
project developer.
Creator of business structures.

Audit Commissioner.

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