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We look forward to greater expand of multinational and multilateral networking platform for not only discussions and explorations but also for an artistic practice. Within The Art Platform On program we organize in Israel the exhibition and the conference in collaboration with our colleagues from the participating countries.
We involve in our program artists, institutions, and experts who freely cross regions and ideas without relying on a community, country, or cultural background to establish their own location and artistic identity. 
The curators of each parricipating countries from the State of Israel, Republic of Korea, Belgium, France, and others will present artists and speakers on the one of the most actual subjects – 
Art and Nomads: The Other Nature.
The global changes, and almost fatal events even started somewhere, but finally affects our daily lives, our individual, but common fate.
This project has to become the next step in the long-term culture exchange program. It was working out for multilateral cooperatinon, and in attempt to recharge the current situation on a special artistic way. 
The subject of the project, Nomadism, seems especially actual to be discussed in אֶרֶץ יִשְׂרָאֵל. Jewish people have a great historical experience in nomadism. Most of them became the Israeli citizens in different time periods, and many of them, and some of the participating artists still nomad around the world. 
The program includes master-classes and lectures as well, and will be followed with the Digital Plein-air Workshop.

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