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Cultural-educational project 

THE CATHEDRA is a project that unites Russian-speaking Israeli scientists working in various fields of knowledge, in their desire to make modern science accessible to a wide audience.

The focus of the project is modernity, the 21st century and the global changes that it has brought to various spheres of human life. Modern man is forced to constantly replenish his knowledge in order to build a dialogue with the changing world and with other people in this world. We, lecturers of the ​THE CATHEDRA – sociologists, specialists in artificial intelligence, political scientists, cultural historians, philosophers, linguists, as well as biologists, physicists, mathematicians – invite students to engage in interactive interaction to build such a dialogue, to start a joint study of various aspects of the modern world.

​THE CATHEDRA is not only lectures and series of lectures, but also workshops, discussions, meetings devoted to reading the “main” books about modernity, this is an individual tutoring for everyone.

This is a space where everyone will find a place to work and an opportunity to get the necessary information on the topics of lectures.

We work not only with the Russian-speaking audience. Some of the events are expected to be held in both English and Hebrew. One of our goals is to establish a dialogue between different Israeli diasporas, united by their interest in modern scientific knowledge.

We also plan to create an Internet resource with video recordings of lectures for a wide audience.




Evgeniia Vezhlian

Evgeniia Vezhlian – sociologist of literature, literary critic, poet. Candidate of Philological Sciences (defended one of the first dissertations on Sigismund Krzhizhanovsky). Since 1995, she has published poetry and critical articles in the magazines “New World”, “Znamya”, “New Literary Review” and other well-known publications.

Evgeniia worked in the prose department of the Znamya magazine, and directed the program “Modern Russian Literature: Creative Writing” at the Russian State University for the Humanities. Author of scientific articles on the sociology of literary communities and the history of Russian literature of the 1990s 2020s.

Winner of a special diploma of the poetry prize "Anthologia" based on the results of 2007 for articles and reviews in literary periodicals.

Winner of the small prize of the poetry community for the best poetic book of the year “Moscow Account” (2020) for the book of poems “Angel on Paveletskaya”.

Evgeniia teaches at the School of Literary Practices, an international literary school, together with famous Russian writers. Since 2022, she has been living in Israel, writing a doctoral dissertation on Russian-language literature in Israel, and is on the editorial board of the "New Jerusalem Journal".


Can tell:

  • about modern writers from Bykov to Rubina, from Pelevin to Glukhovsky (and also about those whom not everyone knows);

  • about how books and reading changed and what happened to them in the 21st century;

  • about how writers become and what literary success is;

  • about censorship, power, politics and modern Russian literature;

  • about what post-truth is and how it helps write about the future...

  • (and, of course, not only about this).


Can teach:

  • understand the poems of modern poets and talk about your impressions;

  • write about yourself and others, turn life into stories (master class on creative writing).


Oksana Stanevich
Якорь 1

Oksana Stanevich  is a public activist and scientific communicator, and researcher in Bioinformatics, Health Sciences & Public Health Sciences.

With a background of 7 years of medical practice in the country of origin, she has worked with the most challenging patients, particularly those susceptible to infections due to various types of immunodeficiency. In 2022, she founded the international initiative Jocelyn DAO

for Scientists At Risk and became the Director of Science Development at GOSH (Git Open Source Hodler), She is a Government Blockchain Association (GBA, USA) member and participates in summits, conferences, and workshops on Decentralized Science (DeSci) organized by Bloxberg, DeSciWorld, Foresight Institute, and DeScier. She is the author of the course "Democracy in Science?! Finally, Yes" at Free University.

After recent repatriation to Israel, Oksana actively interacted with hi-tech startups and companies here, and, additionally, underwent professional retraining in Cybersecurity at ThriveDX.

Oksana's primary focus is on scientists facing complex challenges and adapting open-source tools to improve the quality and reproducibility of scientific research. Her primary research interest is the development of the main principles of scientific DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations) governance.


Telegram: @infectioni_sta

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